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Hi members interested in learning ZOOM,

You have requested to get help from us to learn to use ZOOM, so here are some suggestions to get started:

  • To begin, you must first download ZOOM software onto your device.
  • The device can be a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
  • The device has to have a camera and a microphone built into it. (Phones and tablets have both. Old computers may not.)
  • The software download is simple. On a smartphone or a tabletlook for the “App”  "ZOOM Meeting”, which is free, and download it onto your device. If you are using a computer (laptop or desktop) go to the website”.  It will give you prompts to download the software so that you can join meetings.  Respond to all requests from ZOOM to use your video, audio, etc. with “yes” or "accept". 
  • Once the software is on your device, you will be able to “join” a meeting after you receive an email invitation. 
  • The email invitationwill always have a link that you click on in order to join.  There is also a “Meeting ID”, a 9-digit number for each meeting in this email, and sometimes also a “password” (which is a series of numbers also), that you may need to type inorder to join the meeting.
  • Once you have the ZOOM software, please send an email to JOYCE and we will plan a test meeting with you to confirm that you understand how to use the system.
  • Meetings on ZOOM can be started by someone who has registered to have an “account” on ZOOM, which is very simple to do, requiring entering your email address and choosing a password.  You do not need to have this kind of account in order to join a meeting, just the software download.
  • Please email JOYCE if you are having trouble, and would like someone to call you to help you further

We look forward to “meeting” with you in the very near future!


If you are having any difficulty using this site please call us at 917-947-9121
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