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Ann Marie Kamuf (term 2)

I am very enthusiastic about being  re elected to the Board of Directors of the GNPS, a very vibrant and growing organization that  has helped all of us to age in place. I am proud to be a member of the GNPS Board and am privileged to work with the other Board members to improve and expand the organization. The goal of helping members age in place continues to motivate me. As a Board member, I have been on the Share and Support Committee which has transitioned into the Broadcast Bulletin Board. I have worked on developing the Buddy system and have been a member of the Activities Committee. I have chaired the Nominating Committee and helped update the GNPS Policies and Procedures. Most recently I have been part of the Member Survey Outreach and am taking part in phone banking for Reclaim Our Vote. The activities in which I participate are the Decluttering Group, the classic Book Club and Bridge group. I would be privileged to serve another term

Margaret Kelly (term 2)

I would be privileged to be re-elected to a second term on the GNPS Board.

Over the past three years I’ve seen the impact that GNPS has on the lives of our members, and this has never been more important than during the ongoing pandemic.

My responsibilities on the Board are varied. As Compliance Officer, I work with our outside Attorney on legal and regulatory matters. I have also served on the Budget Commitee, Activities Committee, and Nominating Committee. I particularly enjoy my work helping to organize our major social events, such as the yearly Spring get together and the Annual Meeting in the Fall. Since we could not meet in person this Spring, I hosted and helped produce a virtual Talent Show, featuring some of our amazing members. I am also a member of two Book Clubs and the Garden Club.

It would be an honor to continue to help the organization evolve and thrive.

Jasmine Melzer (term 3)

I have been a member of the GNPS Board, and its secretary, since its inception, and would like to continue as a Board member, working on projects of particular interest to me, such as transportation accessibility. I have lived in Park Slope since 1978, raised  

two daughters here and have been involved in many community issues including Participatory Budgeting, attending various CB6 and MTA meetings regarding the subway system, and I currently represent GNPS on the Prospect Park Alliance Community Committee. 

Two of our efforts met with success, but sadly are in hiatus due to COVID 19: our Senior Fitness project in Prospect Park reached the design stage; an elevator at 7th Avenue and 9th St. was placed on the list of the next 43 stations to be made accessible. Both these are frozen for now but we continue to keep them top of mind with the appropriate agency. 

Until I retired in 2008, I had a career as an account executive with several advertising agencies, and then moved on to the non-profit world as Director of Corporate Relations for The Skin Cancer Foundation, which included fundraising from major pharmaceutical manufacturers and cosmetic companies, as well as event planning.

Suzanne Nicoletti-Krase (term 3)

I have been happy to work with Good Neighbors of Park Slope since its inception. As Vice President and membership coordinator I have seen the organization grow over the past 5 years.  Now i have witnessed GNPS' flexibility in the expansion to virtual activities as a result of the Covid pandemic.  Who would have imagined at the start of 2020, that our activities would not only change venue and survive but would continue to nourish our friendships and support our friends? I am committed to serve the organization where and when needed for another term and look forward to enjoying our events in any shape and form. At my age, I realize that life is not stagnant. I hope to continue with the GNPS as it changes.

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