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Good Neighbors of Park Slope

Welcome to Good Neighbors of Park Slope

Good Neighbors of Park Slope


Good Neighbors of Park Slope (GNPS) is an all volunteer, non-profit, aging-in-place organization, open to residents of Park Slope and surrounding areas who are age 50 and over. Our goal is to create a network of members to make life in our neighborhood easier and more fulfilling, while maintaining our autonomy and quality of life in our homes.

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Upcoming Events

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Social Activism Interest Group
This group now has 232 members.

Add your name to this list if you are interested in receiving information about Social Activism Events happening in our area.

Please email us if you would like more information about promoting your activism event.

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Computer volunteers needed for new GNPS project

We will be launching a new feature on our website which will replace our current Bulletin Board with a Broadcast Bulletin Board.  

When a message is posted, it will be  broadcast via email to all members interested in receiving these posts. This new Broadcast Bulletin Board is designed to allow members not only to put up regular bulletin board posts but also to request services or offer services to other members.

To launch this project, we need volunteers who are: 

 * comfortable downloading documents and images

 * familiar with gmail

 * used to working with multiple tabs open in a browser.


We are looking for volunteers who are dependable, can follow a detailed process, work independently and can sustain interest in the program during a startup phase when there may be minimal work.   We believe the work will take no more than an hour a day (more likely less than 20 minutes) and can be done at any time during the day. Each volunteer will be scheduled to cover one week every 6 weeks on a rotating basis. We can cover for one another as schedules demand.

 If you think you would like to join our tech team, please email


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Attention Park Slope Food Coop Members!
Attention Park Slope Food Coop Members!
At the August 2019 General Meeting an update to the Coop's retirement policy was passed. There are new rules in place for those who are over 65 years of age.

The Coop's new guidelines extend the sliding scale of 'Required Years of Membership' as follows:

Age Required Years
66 18 years
67 16 years
68 14 years
69 12 years
70+ 10 years

These new guidelines will benefit many members of GNPS. Spread the word.

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If you are having any difficulty using this site please call us at 917-947-9121
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